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Is December for Drinking?

As the holiday season approaches, most of us reach for a tipple or a winter warmer. Baileys hot chocolate with friends. Mulled wine at the Christmas markets. We even have the family tradition of putting out brandy for Father Christmas (I don’t think my dad would appreciate milk and cookies). In a society that’s full of booze and alcohol-friendly fun, what happens when you’d just rather not drink?   This is something I'm contemplating this year as I have really gone off alcohol. My tolerance is pretty much zero as my partying days are over, and I’m reaching the age that a hangover can last a week. I enjoy the taste of a good gin but am happy to settle for one or two and not feel the effects. This isn't the first time- I’ve gone through periods of not drinking at all in my life and was never particularly a regular drinker. But, like so many others, I’ve always had a few over the festive period. In fact, alcohol plays rather a large part in my family’s Christmas Day- we have a buc

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